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Custom Diamond Painting【Upload your pictures】


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Round Drill
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NOTICE:Select your size and upload your photo?we will design a diamond painting!

Please read below before buying:

  • We want you to be?happy?with your purchase. If the photo you submit is too poor (for example, too small, faces too far, lots of shadows), may be rejected!
  • The larger the chosen size, the more it will resemble your original image. We also recommend?grander?sizes for images with people in it. If the faces are far away, you will need a larger size!
  • Please select the appropriate canvas size according to the dimensions of your image. If the dimensions do not match, your image will be?cropped and / or resized to fit the canvas size you have chosen! We can ask for your feedback before we proceed.
  • We?can help you crop and resize or make minor color and shadow edits on most photos. We cannot make major changes to the image such as removing backgrounds, objects or watermarks.
  • There may be minor color differences in the finished result due to chromatic aberration. For greater fidelity to your original photo, we recommend a larger size.

If you are unsure whether your photos are qualified, please send them by chat or email to service@talorco.com. We will respond to you with a suggestion within 12 hours.

Important information

  • Type of canvas: Full coverage. The complete image will be covered with diamonds when complete.
  • Type of diamond : Round drill.
  • What's included : Everything you need to complete the image is included with l purchase of each kit.
  • shipping time: Mainly we take?7-15 days to finish designing your custom?diamond painting, and shipping time still needs?7-30 days.

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